Case study: Norwegian

Together with Swedish, Danish and Icelandic, Norwegian is a northern Scandinavian language of Germanic origin. It is closely related to both Danish and Swedish, particularly to Danish as the two counties were united for four centuries until 1814.

English words of Norwegian origin include ‘fiord’, ‘slalom’, ‘lemming’, ‘troll’ and ‘auk’.

Norwegian is not as popular with clients as the other European languages – possibly because most Norwegians speak excellent English and it is quite a difficult language – but with perseverance spoken Norwegian can be mastered to a good level and clients who demonstrate an ability and willingness to use Norwegian with their customers in Norway will receive a very warm welcome indeed.

Clients who have taken Norwegian for business training with CLT include Warrington-based Airangel – a market-leading provider of branded guest Internet access solutions to the hotel, conference and corporate markets.  Other CLT students of business Norwegian include key players from online betting giant bet365 who undertook Norwegian training at their offices in Stoke on Trent.

Another corporate client undertaking Norwegian for business training was Tandberg, manufacturers of telecommunication systems and equipment based in Southampton.