Case study: Italian

We pride ourselves on selecting first-class tutors with a background in the particular industry or field of our clients. This ensures that the client receives a very focused and relevant business training programme.

Among our many clients who have undertaken Italian for Business language training was the Elite Goalkeeping Coach at the Manchester City FC Academy. He said of his CLT Italian trainer:

“I have thoroughly enjoyed my Italian language course and have benefited greatly from my lessons. Diana is an excellent tutor and has been very patient with me. I have to say that the time flies by in the lessons!”

Other CLT clients who have studied Italian for Business include key members of staff at top designer shoe retailers Bally UK (London), and top fashion label Ralph Lauren (Watford). The world of fashion has many important links with Italy – and Milan in particular – and our many retail clients find that taking a short course in Italian for Business assists them in communicating with their Italian colleagues, suppliers and clients in this renowned hub of the fashion industry. This was also the case for key staff members at Westfield who needed to learn Italian as they were opening a flagship shopping centre at Milan Airport. One delegate said of her lessons:

My Italian language course has been most enjoyable and has helped me to bring the level of my Italian from intermediate to proficient. My tutor has a way of always keeping the lessons interesting and engaging, yet always makes sure that I am moving forward and improving. Finally, I would like to say a huge thank you to the CLT team for delivering such a professional and efficient operation.

Westfield Delegate

Clients from the art world have also benefited from CLT Italian for Business language courses. The Italian tutors we selected to teach in the department of Old Master Paintings at famous art auctioneers Sotheby’s were educated in the History of Art and were therefore able to focus on those aspects of the art industry which were of most relevance to the delegates. Discussing the provenance of paintings and the state of the market were essential to the delegates as they prepared to communicate with their overseas customers.