Brazilian Portuguese Courses for Business

Our Brazilian Portuguese Courses for Business will help you to speak your clients’ language with total confidence.

European Portuguese and Brazilian Portuguese can be very different. Although Brazil and Portugal share a large part of the language, there are many variations especially in the spoken form. There are also some vocabulary and grammar differences too.

With our professional approach, your linguistic abilities and confidence will increase. And we’ll do it all without impacting too much on your hectic work schedule.

Case Studies

Choose from

  • Weekly Language Training – Flexible weekly Brazilian Portuguese Courses, depending on your current level and objectives
  • Intensive Language Training – Five full days of intensive Brazilian Portuguese for Business training, which can be split over five weeks if you prefer, with each session usually lasting from 09:30-16:00.
  • Online Language Training – Online language training for fully flexible learning.

The Benefits of Working with Us

  • Completely flexible learning

    Completely Flexible Learning – How do you learn best? Whether it’s with one-to-one sessions, or with a group of up to 15 delegates from your organisation, we’ll make our Brazilian Portuguese Courses for Business work for you.

  • Times to suit you

    When’s best for you? We’ll work completely around your schedule. Lessons can take place in the morning, in the afternoon, in the evening, at the weekend, or even online.

  • Content for your business

    Our language training is designed to be practical and relevant. Beyond the basics, we’ll also incorporate the words, phrases, and terminology specifically for your business.

  • Location to suit you

    Why disrupt your busy business schedule with travelling when our tutors come to you?

  • Free Consultation

    Before your course starts, we will discuss your current level of Brazilian Portuguese, as well as your specific learning objectives. So we’ll know how to tailor your course to ensure you learn precisely what you need.

Michelle has been wonderful for the whole week and completely customised the training for me. Towards the end I felt much more confident to travel and start talking with the people. I am really looking forward to it.

– Technical Trainer, Apple