Other Business Language Services

Language training is vital if you want your business to compete on an international scale. Along with Language Training we offer a number of other language services including Accent Reduction Training and Cultural Awareness Training.

Here at CLT Ltd, it is our aim to offer all the language services under one roof to save you time and to make your life easier!

Other language services:

Cultural Awareness Training for your business

For every region in the world that has similar customs, etiquette, beliefs and ways of doing business to your own, there are many others who do not. Whether you have regular international business meetings, manage an international team, are relocating or deal regularly with international clients, it is important to be aware of the cultural differences you may experience. Read more.

Accent Reduction Training and Pronunciation

Do you speak good English but people still misunderstand you or ask you to repeat yourself? Does your strong accent mean you get overlooked for promotion at work? Well, Accent Reduction Training will help you! Read more.

Taster Sessions in London for your business

Are you organizing a team development day and you want to include Language Training or Cultural Awareness Taster Sessions for your colleagues? Maybe you want to give them an insight into the culture and language of their colleagues or clients? Then we offer tailored taster sessions in London to meet your objectives. Read more.

Translation Services

Our fully qualified translating partners will translate your business documents into the target language of your choice. Whether you need an individual document or a large website project we have a solution to suit your needs. Moreover, we offer a high quality, accurate and efficient service for all your business needs. Read more.

We have worked with CLT for over 3 years and we are delighted with their professional approach to language training. As a provider of lunchtime language training in 3 different locations, they have proved themselves to be effective, friendly and simply just great at what they do. I have no hesitation in recommending CLT for all types of language training.

Former Learning and Development Manager, Nabarro LLP