Learn Business German in London

At Commercial Language Training, we can organise German for Business courses on your premises in London for staff who need to learn German fast.

Learning German in London is ideal if you work with German colleagues or travel to Germany regularly. By learning German it shows that you are committed and improves relationships and communication. In addition, our German courses in London are tailored to your needs so just tell us what you need to learn and when.

You can learn up to 20 different languages in London including English, French, Italian and Spanish.

Learn German in London – Choose from:

We tailor our lessons to include all the industry-specific terms and phrases that are essential for effective communication in your sector. Also, we go to great lengths to make your course enjoyable as possible.

Why Choose Commercial Language Training?

  • Flexible Learning

You can choose to learn your chosen language with one-to-one training or in a group with your colleagues. Also, you can learn at a time to suit you. We also do online language training via Skype, Zoom, WebEx and MS Teams.

  • Tailored Content

We will structure your Business German course to include the content you really need, such as industry-specific terminology. In addition, we will include activities to help you improve specific skills such as presenting, writing emails, negotiating and conversation.

  • Highly-qualified, professional tutors

Our native tutors design your German course to suit your current level and objectives. They use a variety of teaching methods and learning aids to keep lessons interesting. Companies learning German in London with our excellent tutors include The Boston Consulting Group, FIS Global and Warburg Pincus.

  • Free Consultation

We’ll discuss your current level of the language you need to learn and your objectives. This allows us to provide exactly the training you need. If you have chosen to have training for a large number of people, we will carry out assessments to allocate each learner to the correct group for their level and objectives.

It was a very dynamic and interesting German course. Nadine’s approach is very friendly and always willing to help me improve my level and clarify my doubts. I would grade this experience as excellent and would definitely recommend it to others.

– Associate Researcher, The Boston Consulting Group

For more information about learning German in London with Commercial Language Training, call us on +44 (0) 203 036 0770, fill in our Enquiry Form or email info@languagetraining.com.