Case study: Language Training for the Finance Sector

We have been providing Language Training for the Finance sector for 30 years. Our clients have included hugely important global institutions. Over this time we have delivered effective Language Training in a variety of languages – in both European and non-European languages.
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Here at CLT Ltd, our Language Training courses for the Finance sector welcome delegates from a variety of roles including Reception staff, Managers and Directors. The common factor is that all the individuals have a business need to learn a new language. Many delegates are working on a weekly or daily basis with foreign clients or colleagues in the UK and abroad.

We also work with delegates who are relocating to another country. Learning a new language prior to relocating is essential to ensure a smooth transition. And it is not just about language but cultural awareness too. Read more about Language Training for Relocation here.

Language Training for the Finance Sector – where do we start?

Our clients contact us, a dedicated Key Account Manager is assigned and we get the ball rolling.  We have an initial discussion with each delegate to understand their training aims for their 30-hour course (average course length). In addition, we discuss their current level of the target language. Our other methods of understanding the delegates’ levels and objectives are pre-course questionnaires and assessments. Each course requirement is different so we decide on the best method on a course-by-course basis.

Generally, delegates studying on a Beginners course are hoping to be able to greet colleagues and customers in their native language as well as hold basic conversations and use the language when travelling. They want to learn key financial terminology and gain the confidence to have conversations and write emails in a business voice. Delegates who are already at an intermediate or advanced level are looking to improve on the finer details such as grammar, increase their business vocabulary, practise conversational skills, pronunciation and iron out any problem areas in written work.

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Design and Delivery

We confirm with the client what type of course the delegates need such as weekly or intensive and their preferred time.

After that we select one of our highly qualified, experienced native speaking tutors. We work together with the tutor to design a course tailored to the objectives of the delegates. Our tutors prefer to use a blend of materials and activities from workbooks to customer-sourced documents, business role plays to themed written activities. Fortunately we can be flexible during the course and make changes to the plan as often as required. Our tutors also give plenty of guided learning activities to complete between classes.


The course tutor completes a mid-course evaluation which highlights the areas where future lessons should focus. Including pronunciation, knowledge gaps or grammar, for example. The evaluation also monitors progress of the delegates. At CLT Ltd we use the Common European Framework for Languages  to determine the starting level of the delegate. We can then determine when they have moved to the next level at the mid-course evaluation and end of course evaluation.

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