Case study: Spanish

Training in Spanish has moved on tremendously over the past few years – from the purely ‘holiday Spanish’ evening classes of 20 years ago, to the Business Spanish language courses which are in great demand now from key members of staff in multinational and global businesses.

Communications giant Telefónica have been using the language services of CLT since they merged with O2 in January 2006. Delegates from all departments throughout the UK have been learning business Spanish in order to communicate more effectively with their colleagues in Spain and South America.

Feedback from the delegates is consistently excellent:

“Great approach, pace and a wonderful learning experience”
“Highly recommended”
“Excellent! I would thoroughly recommend this course”
“I think my Spanish language course has been fantastic! The lessons are fun, interesting and challenging”

Other CLT clients who have undertaken business Spanish language training include New Bond Street based Sotheby’s where the Head of Department of European Paintings commented on his Spanish lessons:

“I am enjoying them a lot. Marta is a really wonderful teacher, quick and easy to work with, fun to have exchanges with, thorough in what she covers, intelligent in what she gives me, patient with my incompetence. We are covering a lot of ground and I am very pleased with her teaching.”

Employees at Boston Consulting Group have had weekly Spanish classes with one of our excellent Spanish tutors and this is what they said:

Our tutor is outstanding. He is very responsive to one’s learning objectives as well as preferred learning style. He uses a broad range of media for a diverse learning experience and adjusts the class content to one’s interests. I made good progress thanks to my tutor who made the classes enjoyable and managed to motivate me even after a long day at work!

BCG delegate

A delegate at RotaGeek Ltd said of her tutor:

Having trialled a few Business Spanish Providers, my tutor stood out as he had thoroughly researched our organisation and had materials tailored to our business and clients. This approach continued throughout the course and I was continually impressed by him going the extra mile to maximise our learning. My Spanish class quickly became my favourite part of the working week.

RotaGeek Ltd Delegate