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5 reasons why face-to-face language training is better than an app

We recently made a list of our favourite language learning apps. These apps can give you an essential understanding of how a language works on a conversational level and they can complement your face-to-face language training by helping you to brush up on your grammar and vocabulary. However, we said it then and we’ll say it now: As good as these apps are, they’re no substitute at all for a structured series of lessons.
face-to-face language training

5 reasons why face-to-face language training is better than an app

Face-to-face language training courses are specifically designed to give you opportunities to practise your emerging linguistic skills in a focussed environment. They create a space where you can learn from your mistakes while benefiting from the expert guidance of native speakers.

And if your language training is for business reasons, your face-to-face language course can be tailored to include all of the specialist terminology and vocabulary you need to conduct business overseas in your specific sector. You can also choose from weekly, intensive and online language courses.

So no matter how sophisticated language learning apps get, traditional face-to-face learning will always be the superior choice if you really want to learn a new language.

Here are 5 reasons why face-to-face language training is better than language learning apps:

Dedicated Learning Time

It’s all too easy to get distracted when using a language learning app. And no matter how keen you are to get to grips with a new language, your language learning app will always be competing against the likes of Facebook and Twitter for your attention.

But with structured, face-to-face language training, you’ll make time for learning. You’ll have a set schedule of sessions, and you’ll stick to it.

And during your lessons, there’ll be no emails, tweets, Facebook posts or other distractions. You’ll be able to focus entirely on your learning – and that’s what gets results.

Improved retention

Structured language courses offer a unique opportunity to really immerse yourself in a new language and culture. By actively seeing your tutor convey passion about a topic, it ignites the same passion, better interest due to lack of distractions, and an increase in the likelihood of retention.

Not only will these training sessions ensure a better understanding and recall of the lessons and its content, the face-to-face element allows you to ask questions and receive answers instantly. All of this serves to make the lessons more intense. Moreoever, it will give you the confidence, when you are surrounded by native speakers, to practise your new skills in real-world environments such as shops and restaurants – you’ll take to the language like a duck to water.

An Opportunity to Learn From Your Mistakes

The training room is a space where mistakes can be made without embarrassment. It is also where any mistakes that are made can be instantly corrected by a qualified native speaker. You are able to build a relationship with your tutor and other students. You will also gain more confidence and get more out of group tasks and conversation practice.

Tailored courses

At CLT we tailor all our face-to-face language training courses to suit our client. We teach work-specific terminology based on your job role and industry. In addition, we focus on each client’s specific needs including a focus on grammar, speaking and writing emails, for example. You cannot get this from an app.

Business English immersion courses are one of our specialities. They’re perfect if you have international contacts who need to learn English fast.

Personal interaction

Group lessons present an opportunity for students to bond, interact with one another and improve camaraderie. The in-person interaction includes the added value of being able to gain insight from other people and develop social linkages. By retaining the physical face-to-face method of training, individuals will be able to take more from the experience in terms of social skills and interaction as well as educational know-how.

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