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Tips for Successful Employee Relocation

Relocation can be a difficult time for an employee as they are moving to a new country with a different language, different ways of working/living and potentially no friends or connections. To ensure successful employee relocation from one country to another, HR should invest resources in the transition period experienced by employees.
successful employee relocation

Heather Darby of Gerson Relocation offers 5 tips for successful employee relocation to ensure successful employee relocation  around the world.

5 Tips for Successful International Employee Relocation

1. Provide pre-move support

Your employees must have a clear understanding of what to expect upon arrival – both in the workplace and the country. The employer should provide educational resources on cultural awareness, language training and information on what to expect in daily life.

2. Clarity of company expectations and employee goals

Not only is your employee dealing with a life-changing move but they are also being moved to a potentially alien working environment. It is important that they understand what is expected of them and that the business understands what the employee is hoping to achieve as a result of relocating.

3. Focus on successful settlement

One of the key things to settling quickly in a new country is to be able to communicate to gain independence. Therefore, offering language training (including cultural awareness training) is a must for all employers. You can also help your employee to dealing with the many other things related to relocating such as arranging a visa, finding accommodation, locating schools, sorting insurance/utilities/healthcare/domestic banking, local area orientation and supporting spouse/partner with their job search.

4. Make communication a priority

Becoming an excellent communicator in a new country can be a long-term process. You should be supportive as an employer in the transitionary period by including language training and an increased time allowance for conveying information.

5. Ease recruits into the workplace

General customs, attitudes, etiquette and cultural differences could get the employee into awkward situations with others. Offering cultural awareness training , encouraging them to get involved with company culture and offering guidance through one-to-one or group sessions  will help them understand how to interact and behave in the workplace and socially.

What support does CLT Ltd offer?

successful employee relocation around the worldCLT Ltd provides tailored, professional language training courses to businesses. Training can be pre or post move and classes can be on a weekly or intensive basis. We provide training in over 20 different languages with a choice of individual or group classes at your place of work or online classes via Skype. We also offer Intensive English Immersion classes in Derbyshire (UK). All our classes include cultural awareness training – we can tailor the level to meet to your requirements.

Examples of our on-going relocation language training programmes:


CLT has been teaching English to Spanish employees and their families who have relocated to the UK at Telefónica (a Spanish telecommunications giant) since 2006. Read more about this in our Telefónica case study.

We are very grateful for your competent company, your kindness and prompt response any time we had any query. Both my husband and I are very happy with the teachers you selected for us. My English has improved outstandingly. Due to that, I could survive last year, as initially adapting to our new life was very hard for my children and I. Luckily, this year we are enjoying our time in London

Telefónica/O2 Delegate

English Premier League Football Clubs

CLT Ltd has been providing English training to foreign footballers and their families in the English Premier League for over 10 years. In fact, we work closely with Manchester City, West Ham and Cardiff City FC to help footballers communicate better with their team mates and their coaching/management teams but we have also been supporting their families with English training to help them settle into their new home and life.

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