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5 Benefits of English Communication Skills Training

There are many benefits to providing English Communication Skills training for staff where English is not their first language. We have worked with many companies over the years especially with Production, Warehouse, Distribution and Hospitality staff. We have seen that where the level of English is quite low it can lead to problems such as poor communication, misunderstandings, low confidence and mistakes being made.
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We would argue that English Communication Skills Training is essential to the efficient and effective running of many businesses. Moreover, through experience, we believe there are 5 major benefits to investing in English Communication Skills training in your business.

What are the benefits of providing English Communication Skills training?

  • Improved communication – English training can be tailored to your needs so that your staff communicate better with colleagues and customers. But not only that, they will become more confident and improve relationships in the workplace.
  • Improved application process for EU Settlement Scheme – If you are helping your employees to applying for settled or pre-settled status as part of the EU Transition from the EU single market and customs union then you may be having difficulties trying to get documentation in order due to the language barrier. By improving the English skills of your employees, this process will become a lot easier. We can include specific vocabulary relating to this process into the training.
  • Reduced mistakes – an increased level of English will lead to overall better understanding, leading to a reduction in mistakes. Workers will also feel more confident to report errors or to flag up concerns.
  • Increased staff retention – your workers are more likely to stay with your company if they feel supported and invested in. Moreover, by improving the English Communication skills of your staff, you will give them the opportunity to be promoted within the company – an investment in the future of your business.
  • Increased applications for jobs – English training is a valuable staff benefit that should be shouted from the rooftops. Firstly, it makes good business sense to want to improve the English skills of your staff. In addition, your staff will feel valued and they will have a skill that will help them in their career and in their personal life.

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What does the training involve?

Course design

At CLT Ltd, we will discuss your requirements with you and then design a course to meet your objectives. Our training courses suit delegates of all English levels from Beginner to Advanced. We can incorporate as much sector-specific and job-specific content as required. For example, if you are in the hospitality industry we can focus on improving verbal communication skills in their daily job role with customers and colleagues. In addition, we can incorporate your company materials into the training such as H&S manuals and training manuals. Read more about our English for Hospitality training. We can also focus on the English skills of British staff. For example, business writing skills for writing emails and reports. Our training is flexible and when other areas for improvement appear during the training we can work on them too.

Our training courses

Depending on your requirements, you can choose to have 1-2-1 or a group training course (up to 15 people) and intensive or weekly sessions. We also provide online language training if you are unable to attend regular sessions in one location. And it’s not just English, we can deliver training in over 20 different languages. In addition, we offer online Accent Reduction training for both British and foreign delegates.


Our highly-experienced tutors will come to your place of work on a day and time agreed with you for your convenience. However, due to Covid restrictions, we are finding that many businesses are limiting the number of additional people coming onto the premises. For this reason, we can also set-up virtual training where your staff will have the training in your training room on-site but our tutor will appear via a video link. There is also the option to have your training online.

Read about our English training here.

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