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Bespoke Language Courses – Preparation is key

Here at CLT Ltd we put a lot of time into preparing your bespoke language courses. In fact, the time from your initial enquiry to starting your first lesson is where 80% of our work happens.
Preparation is key to success quote

We deliver bespoke language courses to businesses and their employees who operate around the world in a variety of industries. Not only do we fit into your schedule but we pride ourselves on our ability to tailor your language course to the industry and job role in which you work.

Preparation is the key to success

We are big believers in the words of the famous Scot Alexander Graham Bell – “Before anything else, preparation is the key to success”. As a result, we take the time to understand your unique learning needs and skills gaps. Moreover, we always try to match you with an experienced tutor who is native to your target language and who has experience in your industry or job role. And finally, our experienced tutors prepare fun, flexible, interactive and interesting lessons that will ensure you achieve success. On top of all that, your dedicated Key Account Manager will be on hand to make sure your course runs smoothly from beginning to end.

To understand the depth of our planning for your bespoke language course read the steps below.

5 steps in preparing Bespoke Language Courses:

  1. Understanding your aims and objectives
    • When you first enquire about our courses, we will discuss your aims and objectives with you. This ensures we quote you for the course you want and need. At the time of booking your course we will then take a more in-depth look into your learning needs and any skills gaps that you may have. We aim to understand how and why you will be using your language skills now and in the future.
  2. Skills and Level analysis
    • We will conduct an assessment which analyses the delegate’s current level and skills in the target language. This allows us to determine a starting point. Depending on the course and your needs we will do one or a mixture of the following:
      • 1-2-1 discussion with you
      • carry out assessments (written and spoken)
      • ask you to complete a questionnaire
  3. Introduction to KAM and Tutor
    • Every client will have a dedicated Key Account Manager. A single point of contact for all things related to your course. We will also introduce you to your professional tutor.
  4. Develop learning plan
    • Using the detailed analysis of your needs, we spend time with the tutor developing a detailed learning plan and selecting and preparing learning materials. Materials will include a variety of speaking, listening, writing and reading activities.
  5. Robust admin to ensure you achieve your objectives
    • Course administration includes attendance registers, learning agreement, check/approve objective proposal and mid- and end-course assessments. We strive to tailor a course that will lead you to achieving your objectives. For that reason, we monitor your learning journey and change parts of the course where required.

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If you are looking for a Bespoke Language Course for your business then look no further than Commercial Language Training Ltd. We offer a personal, friendly and efficient service and we keep your learning objectives at the core of everything we do. Most of all, we want you to achieve your objectives and we will do all that we can to help you.

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