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Bespoke Online English for Real Estate

We received an enquiry for bespoke Online English training where there was a need for industry-specific vocabulary as well as a wider range of business expressions and pronunciation. The customer is a Spanish Real Estate development company based in Madrid.
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What was the aim of the Bespoke Online English Training for the Real Estate Company?

We were contacted by a Spanish real estate company requiring Bespoke Online English training for two Spanish delegates. The Real Estate company specializes in construction, However, they also offer a comprehensive service including managing and controlling the entire value chain of the real estate cycle including land development and real estate management.

The delegates are based at the Head Office in Madrid but their job roles find them working closely with colleagues and Investment Fund Managers in London. Both delegates have studied English in the past and have a good level of English. However, they wanted to improve in specific areas.

Key areas for improvement were:

  • Learn to use a wider range of professional vocabulary and expressions
  • Focus specifically on real estate investment vocabulary
  • Improve pronunciation and soften their strong Spanish accents

Both delegates have had English training in Spain. The important thing for the delegates now was to have a native English speaking tutor who would help them improve their understanding of the London accent. The tutor also needed to have knowledge of real estate funds so they could include that specialist vocabulary in the lessons.

The Method

We confirmed their training objectives and current level in English after an in-depth telephone call with both delegates . We then matched them with an excellent English tutor. She got to work designing their course bespoke online English training course. She focused on business language and expressions as well as pronunciation. She also used real estate investment resources such as online news sites and internal working documents provided by the client. Our tutor worked on building their confidence and fluency by replicating business situations relevant to the two delegates.

The tutor delivered the training in 1-2-1 online classes via Zoom. They decided to book classes in blocks of 10 weeks as their level was already very good. This allows them the flexibility to re-book for as long as they need to.


Both delegates are very pleased with the improvement they have seen in their English so far. Their confidence has increased a lot and they commented on how highly they rated their tutor.

I am delighted with the classes, they are totally effective, specialized and it is what I really wanted.

Quote from one of the Spanish delegates

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