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Business Italian a success at Leonardo

By embarking on a Business Italian course with Commercial Language Training, Leonardo employees hoped to improve all aspects of work-related communication.

Why did Leonardo need Business Italian training?

Leonardo’s aim for the Business Italian training was to improve all aspects of work-related communication. This included telephone calls, face-to-face meetings, travel planning and understanding emails/documents. Importantly, by making the effort to speak in their language, the UK employees could build better relations with their Italian colleagues.

Leonardo’s Head Office is in Rome with a site in Yeovil, UK. The site at Yeovil specialises in the design and manufacture of helicopters.  Importantly, many UK employees are communicating with Italian colleagues on a daily basis. However, there are still language barriers despite the fact that many Italian colleagues are fluent in English.

What do Leonardo do?

LeonardoLeonardo Helicopter is a global high-tech Aerospace, Defence and Security company. They deliver products and integrated solutions based on cutting-edge technologies with dual-use applications. Products and services include helicopters, aeronautics, unmanned systems, defence and security electronics, defence systems, and satellite systems and services.

What we did

Firstly we sent out pre-course questionnaires to employees in roles such as Operations, Contracts, Procurement, Analysts and Engineers. As a result, we were able to understand their current level of Italian. Next we split the delegates into 4 groups (Beginners 1 and 2, False Beginners and Advanced). Then, through our discussions with HR and L&D we were able to agree on objectives for the Business Italian training. In addition, we matched Leonardo Helicopters with an experienced native Italian tutor. With her, we developed a training programme that would help them achieve their objectives.

From the first meeting with Jane and Annie, the process of working with CLT has been first class. The way that Jane and Annie described the learning journey was inspirational, and they followed it up with a really bespoke service that catered for our learners every need. The objectives that each group were set were specific to the requirements of the learners and the facilitators make sure that everyone has a great learning experience. Every aspect of the administration and coordination of the programme is managed professionally and it’s made our job really easy! The learners are full of praise for their facilitators and although they haven’t finished the course yet, they are saying how beneficial it has been and how much they value their learning. Overall, it has been a pleasure to work with everyone at CLT and they are delivering some amazing results.

Dan Garman, Learning and Development Advisor

Feedback from Leonardo has been excellent

We use Progress Reports from the tutor and Mid-Course Evaluations from the delegates to ensure that they are meeting their objectives. Furthermore, we can see which areas the classes need to focus on for the rest of the course.

Feedback has been good with comments from delegates like:

“The course is well-taught and enjoyable”

“I have found the course and teaching-style good”

“I have appreciated having an Italian teacher who is able to give context about Italy and how Italians use the language”

“The tutor is really friendly, kind and patient. I have definitely improved!”

“I am thoroughly enjoying the lessons and I am impressed that they are offered to employees. The teacher is great!”

Moving forward

As well as Business Italian, we are teaching Business French to an employee working on a 5-year project in Canada. Her classes focus on French-Canadian dialect differences, speaking on the phone and face-to-face and reading/writing emails.

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