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BrewDog decides to upskill staff with French lessons

Scottish craft beer business, BrewDog, have kicked off French language training for staff with a basic and intermediate understanding of French.
BrewDog upskills staff with french lessons

BrewDog is a rapidly expanding company which has seen the requirement for improved international communication with employees and stakeholders. As a result they have decided to upskill staff with french lessons.

Who are BrewDog?

BrewDog was created in 2007 when 2 friends decided to start brewing their own craft beer with a mission to make other people as passionate about great craft beer as they were. This remains their mission today and through exceptional growth, they now have over 40 bars across the UK, Europe & the states, Breweries in Ellon , Aberdeenshire and Columbus Ohio, 1000+ employees and one hotel (known as The DogHouse) in the USA.


BrewDog invests in its people

BrewDog are passionate about two things – ‘our beer and our people’ and by 2020 aim to be the best company to work for in the UK.


As BrewDog expands rapidly into new markets across the globe they have realised the need to improve the communication skills of staff. This includes staff in departments including People, Brewing, Packaging, Finance and Customer Service with plans to upskill staff in German and Spanish too. For this reason, they have chosen to upskill staff with French lessons.

The French course

The weekly course will take place at their HQ in Ellon in the north of Scotland. It will cover basic topics including introductions, exchanging information, telling the time and socialising with colleagues and clients. The second half of the course will be more business-focussed including telephone technique, writing emails and conversing confidently about business. The beauty of face-to-face training is that the delegates can ask their professional tutor about specific job-related vocabulary.  We ensure the lesson plans are flexible to allow for this.

On-going monitoring

Once the course has begun, we will monitor individual progress to ensure objectives are being met. In addition, as with all CLT customers, we allocate a Key Account Manager as a single point of contact.

If you would like to upskill staff with French lessons you can book your language course today. Call us on +44 (0) 203 036 0770 or email info@languagetraining.com


BrewDog offers Pawternity Leave to its employees