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English for Hospitality courses – Developing the communication skills of international staff

Approximately 24% of workers in the UK Hospitality and Tourism industry are non-British nationals. Here at CLT Ltd we realise the major role that excellent communication skills play in this industry and understand that businesses employing a large percentage of non-native English speakers may sometimes struggle with this.
English for Hospitality

Good communication among staff and with customers will lead to fewer mistakes, better relationships and increased customer satisfaction, which are critical to success. An investment in your staff and developing their personal skills will lead to increased loyalty.

Renowned London-based Hawksmoor Restaurant Group also realises the value of good English skills in Hospitality. Staff members have been improving their English with CLT over the past 5 years. They come from a variety of job roles from porters and bartenders to waiters and Chefs de partie.

What is involved?

Hawksmoor called in CLT Ltd to design tailored English packages for their international employees. We arranged face-to-face group classes ranging from beginners to advanced level. With our English for Hospitality courses we discuss your key objectives with you to understand what we need to include in the programme (e.g. specific words, phrases and scenarios) and we carry out pre-course assessments to understand what level the delegates are starting at.

A professional English tutor will be assigned and they will provide all the materials you need. So whether you’d like to focus on speaking, reading or listening, we will design your programme accordingly. You can arrange a time, day and place for the training that works best for you. However, we would usually carry out the training at your place of work. At CLT Ltd we monitor your progress through your lessons to ensure you are progressing to the next level on the Common European Framework in English for Hospitality. Moreover, all delegates receive a Certificate of Achievement at the end of their course.

English for Hospitality

Staff from Hawksmoor restaurants in Air Street, Guildhall, Seven Dials and Spitalfields have all taken part in the popular training programme. Moreover, the feedback has been very positive:

“We noticed that we had people who were being held back by their lack of English – in and out of work – and it felt unnecessary for people to struggle over something so fundamental. We thought we could do something about it and the response from the staff has been great.” Will Beckett, Owner.

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