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Language classes boost team building!

Let’s face it, for many of us, we have not seen most of our colleagues face-to-face for a while. Perhaps some of your team are struggling with the isolation that working from home can bring. Maybe you would like to bring your team together more frequently but outside a work environment. Have you considered online language classes?
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Language classes can boost team building as well as providing you all with a new skill. Whether you work in foreign markets, are owned by a foreign company or are just looking for something different to boost team relationships, language classes are a great way to have fun while also getting to know your colleagues better.

Which language should you choose?

You might choose a language related to an international market that you operate in or one that simply interests you. Whatever language you choose, you can then focus on key industry-related topics, job specific vocabulary or focus on basic beginners’ phrases to get started. You decide what you want to gain from the classes and your provider will design a course based on your needs.

How can language classes boost team building?

There are many benefits to combining language classes with team building, here are just a few of them:

  • It is fun! Learning a language online with your team is fun. It can take you out of your work environment so that you can learn something completely different and be yourself. You can laugh together about your mistakes and poor pronunciation. But you can also enjoy the sense of achievement and improved confidence that you will get from the language classes.
  • You will achieve as a team. Building team relationships doesn’t have to stop when the language class has finished. Your native tutor will give you tasks to complete between lessons. This will allow you to get together with your team to work on your common goal, outside of your work environment. You can help each other to achieve your language learning goals.
  • It links to other team building activities. As well as learning a new language, you can also plan other fun team activities around it. For example, have a team wine tasting event using wines from the countries which speak your new language; have a cooking competition based on dishes from the countries which speak the language you are learning; ask a guest speaker from a country which speaks your new language to give you a virtual tour of their homeland.
  • You can tick the personal development box too. On a personal level, the team language classes provide the individual team members with a new skill. Language learning is also great for boosting your brain capacity, improving listening/reading/writing/communication skills and improving your memory. Read our blog for more information about the 6 benefits of Personal Development. What’s not to like?

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