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Learn languages anywhere in the world

“I’m too busy to commit to learning a language”, I hear you say. Life can be extremely busy especially if your job involves a lot of foreign travel. Thanks to modern technology you can now learn languages anywhere in the world at a time and place convenient to you.
Learn language in lockdown

At Commercial Language Training, we help you learn languages anywhere! We aim to make learning a new language as easy and convenient as possible so we offer Online Language Courses. This allows you to have the same language tutor while you travel.

When done right, learning a language online can be every bit as effective as any more traditional means.

5 steps to ensure successful Online Language Learning:

If you want to learn languages anywhere there are a few steps you should take to ensure that your online language lessons are a success:

  1. Familiarise Yourself with the Technology First

If you’ve never used the online technology before (i.e.Skype, WebEx, Zoom or MS Teams), make sure you know how it works and have a practice with a friend/colleague before your first lesson starts. If you’ve bought a new headset, microphone, or headphones for your training, get comfortable using them before your sessions begin.

Make sure your equipment is working and that your internet connection is as good is it can be.

  1. Find a Suitable Space

To get the most out of your Online Language Course, your lessons must be conducted in a quiet, well-lit, comfortable space that’s free from distractions. Try to find a private space where you won’t be disturbed and where you won’t be distracted by phone calls, noise or co-workers.

  1. Relax

Some people find online learning to be a little unnerving. But if you’re not able to relax, you’ll find learning a new language much more challenging than it should be. So relax! Your tutor is here to help you and they will do everything they can to make you to feel at ease.

  1. Agree a Plan Beforehand

At Commercial Language Training, we always structure our lessons to suit your specific requirements. But when learning online, it’s particularly vital that we establish your language learning goals in advance.

We can cover any areas you wish to focus on and make a point of including all the specialist vocabulary and terminology needed to conduct business overseas in your specific sector.

Our aim is to structure the lessons to teach you everything you need to learn but also to adapt them to suit the medium.

  1. Study your notes

Don’t just switch your computer off after the online lesson has ended. Go through your notes to remind yourself what you have learned and what questions you have as a result. Spend 10 minutes practising what you have learned so that you don’t forget it all straight away.

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