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Learning Languages for Fashion

Want to succeed in the world of fashion? Then learning languages for fashion will give you an unbeatable advantage.
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The international fashion industry is quickly-evolving, competitive and fast-paced. In such a global industry, fashion houses are looking for people skilled in more than one language. Even though English is the most common language in the fashion industry, some of the most important fashion hubs are located in Italy and France. Moreover, increasingly buyers are from China, Japan and Russia. So, you can see that learning languages for fashion is very important.

Why are languages important?

Relationships and collaboration are keys to success in the fashion world. Speaking another language improves key relationships with suppliers and business partners. It also improves efficiency and the quality of communication. Moreover, The Business of Fashion claims that some of the best fashion schools are located in countries where English is not the primary language such as Italy, Netherlands, China, Finland and Brazil. Furthermore, The British Fashion Council has emphasized the power of learning languages for fashion to extend the world-wide reach of UK-based designers and brands. So, as you can see, languages are incredibly important if you want to stand out from the crowd.

Be culturally aware!

Languages for fashionAs well as speaking other languages, it is important to understand the culture of your potential customer and suppliers to avoid making costly mistakes in your negotiations and designs. For example, Chinese culture and business can be very different to that of Western Europe. Cultural Awareness Training will help all of those involved with customers, suppliers and partners to understand and work within other cultures.

Which languages are most important in fashion?

Of course French and Italian will give you a great advantage in the traditional fashion hubs of Europe but Academic Courses recommends 5 fashionable languages:

  1. Spanish or Portuguese – these languages will help you to participate and collaborate with cutting-edge designers in Spain and Portugal and upcoming fashionable cities in South America.
  2. Chinese/Mandarin – Designers and those in the fashion world know that the growth potential in China is exponential. Many luxury labels already depend heavily on Chinese customers.
  3. Korean – with the rise of K-Pop trendsetters and their version of chic – K-Fashion – many are claiming Seoul is now Asia’s hottest fashion city.
  4. Arabic – The Middle East has been at the forefront of fashion for decades. Arab Fashion Week is attended by world-renowned designers, models and trendsetters and is a fashion hub growing in importance.
  5. A Scandinavian language – Scandinavian is forging the way in sustainable fashion.

If you want to be a part of the fashion world then consider how learning languages for fashion might open new doors for you.

How can CLT Ltd help you?

We offer weekly and intensive language training at your place of work or online via Skype, Zoom, WebEx and MS Teams at a time to suit you. We can accommodate groups or individuals across 20+ languages. All our courses are tailored to your needs and we can include fashion-specific vocabulary and activities. Read more about our Fashion and Retail customers here.

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