Language Training Courses on Your Premises

We provide professional Workplace Language Training to businesses throughout the UK and in other European locations. Our tutors come to your place of work, making it as convenient as possible for you and your colleagues to learn the language you need!


We have two options for our Workplace Language Training at Your Business, which can be tailored to suit the requirements of your organisation:

Whichever course option you choose, Workplace Language Training from CLT is designed to give you a real sense of achievement after only a short time, motivating you to learn more!

We offer Workplace Language Training in a wide range of languages with our expert tutors. In addition, as your knowledge of the target language grows, so will your confidence. Therefore, this will enable you to take part in those important meetings and conversations with your colleagues in no time at all.

The Benefits of Working With Us

  • Wide Range of Languages

    We are proud to work with our expert tutors from all over the world. We can offer a wide range of language options to help you excel in your business.

  • Flexible Learning

    Choose one-to-one training, or to learn in a group of up to 15 delegates from your organisation.

  • Times to Suit You

    Learn in the morning, afternoon, during lunch, in the evening or even at the weekend!

  • Tailored Course Content

    We tailor each course to include the terminology, words and phrases which are important to your business.

  • Free Consultation

    Before your course starts, we discuss your objectives and your current level of the language you want to learn. This allows us to deliver exactly the training you need.