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Is September the time to embark on new challenges?

For many, September is the start of a new chapter. You are still feeling invigorated from your summer holiday and ready to tackle a new “plan” for fitness, your career, your finances or your life.
Language learning

Gwen Moran gives us 6 reasons why we should set our new years’ resolutions in September:

  1. You’ve been trained to have a “Back to School” mind-set – from an early age we are programmed to see September as a time to face new challenges and to learn new things. Use this “new start” mind-set to start planning how you will achieve your goals.
  2. There is built-in momentum and energy – September brings new energy as people focus on what needs to be done before the end of the year
  3. The pressure is off – we are not being bombarded by messages and societal pressure telling us we need to get fit, we need to lose weight, we need to change our career and so on.
  4. You have access to the people you need – sometimes you need advice and support to set new resolutions and this can be hard to find during the month leading up to January 1st.
  5. You have months before year end – setting financial goals in September gives you time to make a real impact before the end of the calendar year
  6. When everyone else is starting, you’ll have results – start working on your goals in September and, not only will you free yourself of the pressure of having to set new goals in January, but you may even have some impressive results to show by then!

Language learning

Here at CLT we believe that now is a great time to set your language learning goals into motion. Do you need to learn a new language or improve your knowledge of one to create more career opportunities or to help you do you current job better? Are you relocating with your job? Is it all about Personal Development?

Feeling motivated to achieve your language learning goals?

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