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5 reasons why supporting “Personal Development” makes good business sense

First of all, what is “Personal Development”? Personal development is a “process of self-education aimed at enhancing professional skills, employability, quality of life, self-discipline, talent and potential”. For anyone hoping to climb the career ladder or improve their sense of purpose, personal development is invaluable.
Personal Development

While most of us seek to improve ourselves in various ways each day, a conscientious personal development plan is the key to accelerating that growth, because personal development allows you to push yourself further and faster.

5 reasons why companies should support their employees in their Personal Development plans:

  1. Increased productivity and effectiveness as a result of them developing key skills such as communication, negotiation and problem-solving through language learning
  2. Improved relationships and understanding of global clients/partners
  3. Increased employee motivation – people care if you take a genuine interest in their future
  4. Confidence to tackle new opportunities with foreign clients/markets
  5. Increased employee retention through your investment in them. Your support will build loyalty and loyalty increases productivity.

Good talented people naturally want to advance and they appreciate meaningful support in the process. Many ambitious employees want to gain skills and become more versatile and valuable to an organization. If they do not get the support they need will they move to an organisation that is willing to support them?

See this article from The Telegraph for the top 20 ways Personal Development training will lead you to business success.

Where does learning a new language fit in?

Learning languages can be a major part of an employees’ personal development plan and a desirable attribute for the employer. Having employees who speak more than one language allows you to open yourself up to a world of global business opportunities. Not only will you be able to improve existing relationships and communications with your clients and business partners globally, you would also have the confidence to tackle new markets.

As part of their staff development programme, renowned London-based Hawksmoor restaurant group called on CLT to arrange tailored English training for their international employees, with group classes ranging from beginners to advanced level. Owner, Will Beckett, said: “We noticed that we had people who were being held back by their lack of English – in and out of work – and it felt unnecessary for people to struggle over something so fundamental.   We thought we could do something about it and the response form the staff has been great.”

HR Manager, Mirjam Saar, added:   “Hawksmoor and CLT have been working together for three years and we would highly recommend CLT to any company that is willing to invest in their staff and their personal development”   See here for more information on our popular English for Hospitality courses.

Why choose CLT?

  • We have 28 years of experience in Language Training working with Blue Chip clients in the UK and abroad in a range of industries and job roles
  • We listen to you! We build an understanding of your company and your requirements through a face-to-face meeting or phone call and match a tutor to you ensuring their experience and personality fits with your organisation.
  • We offer a flexible service – tailored content, delivery methods and locations to suit your needs
  • We have a progressive learning programme to allow your employees to achieve their potential
  • We offer a personal service where you will have a dedicated Key Account Manager taking care of administration, planning, day-to-day employee queries and continuous employee assessment so that you don’t have to!

So if you would like to learn a new language for business contact us today.