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Wahaca invests in its team with English for Hospitality Training

With a group of restaurants and bars in London and throughout the UK, Wahaca brings a real taste of Mexico to our UK shores. MasterChef winner Thomasina Miers co-founded the restaurant group and it was born from her love of fresh, honest Mexican street food and her desire to share the experience with anyone who cared to join her.
Thomasina Miers

Wahaca has recently invested in English for Hospitality Training for staff who have English as a second language. In fact, Wahaca aim to wow their guests with their tasty food and lively atmosphere. They believe they can only do this through commitment to their people and by providing the training and development that their staff need. As a result, the Learning and Development team at Wahaca got in touch with CLT Ltd to discuss how we could help them improve the communication and understanding of their non-English speaking staff.

Wahaca food  Soho Wahaca

The training

A group of 17 staff from restaurants across London come together every week to improve their English skills. The delegates include bar tenders, waiters, chefs and kitchen assistants. In the main, our classes at Wahaca focus on the vocabulary and phrases used daily by the staff in their various job roles. Moreover, their tutor (Michael) uses a mix of reading, writing and speaking/pronunciation in the classes to increase the confidence of staff in using English at work. In addition, we understand that it is important to make the classes fun as well as relevant.


English for Hospitality training is going well

The L&D Partner from Wahaca said “The lessons are going great thanks. All the delegates are very engaged with the lessons and Michael has been great”.


Course Certificates

We award End of Course certificates to successful students to show that they have undertaken and completed the English for Hospitality course. Wahaca believe that this training is essential for the professional development of their staff but also for their personal growth.

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