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Bespoke Online English for Real Estate

real estate

We received an enquiry for bespoke Online English training where there was a need for industry-specific vocabulary as well as a wider range of business expressions and pronunciation. The customer is a Spanish Real Estate development company based in Madrid.

Language classes boost team building!

group online lessons

Let’s face it, for many of us, we have not seen most of our colleagues face-to-face for a while. Perhaps some of your team are struggling with the isolation that working from home can bring. Maybe you would like to bring your team together more frequently but outside a work environment. Have you considered online language classes?

Christmas around the world

Merry Christmas in different languages

It’s nearly Christmas! Yay!! There are many varied ways we celebrate Christmas around the world. For many of us, we mark the celebration by decorating our houses and Christmas trees and eating a feast of festive goodies. We also perform nativity plays, go to church, get together with family and friends and give and receive gifts. Interestingly, things can be slightly different depending on where you are from.

5 Benefits of English Communication Skills Training

Ladies working on food production line

There are many benefits to providing English Communication Skills training for staff where English is not their first language. We have worked with many companies over the years especially with Production, Warehouse, Distribution and Hospitality staff. We have seen that where the level of English is quite low it can lead to problems such as poor communication, misunderstandings, low confidence and mistakes being made.

5 reasons to learn a language in lockdown

Learn language in lockdown

For many of us, lockdown has brought unsettled times. Our lives have changed immeasurably and this is likely to continue in some form or another for a long time. Some of us are busy with work, looking after children and shopping and caring for family members. However, there are others who have suddenly found themselves unemployed, furloughed or very quiet at work due to reduced output in many UK industries.

4 benefits of English training for staff

low skill warehouse workers

There are many benefits to providing English training to your British and foreign staff. In these uncertain times, English Training could become a key focus for many HR and L&D teams. Employees are at the heart of our businesses and we must work hard to retain them.

20 English Idioms to help your fluency

Idioms example

An idiom is a group of words that, when translated literally are a load of nonsense. For example “hold your horses” or “head in the clouds” but they are used frequently by English speakers….to the confusion of those trying to learn the language.